Here are some answers to a few of the questions we receive on a regular basis.  If you have a question that is not shown below, feel free to contact us at info@AllCityCo2.com


Why is my soda flat?

Flat soda could be attibuted to several reasons:

  • No ice in the bin
  • Warm soda
  • Too much rinse sanitizer in dishwasher
  • Not enough Co2 pressure
  • Bad flow jet pump
  • Carbonator not engaging
  • Water in the gas line
Why are my soda button guns getting stuck open?

Most likely due to a dirty soda system if the system is not cleaned on a regular basis.  Debris and other foreign objects can cause soda guns to leak and stick.


We recommend soda line cleaning to be done on a quarterly basis.

Why is no syrup or water pouring from the soda gun?

Problems with your beverage gun could be attributed to:

  • Clogged water filter
  • Bad flow jet
  • Out of Co2
  • Circulation pump failed
Why is my beer pouring all foam?

Foamy beer could occur:

  • Cooler is to warm
  • If using a glycol system, solution may be low
  • Low on freon 
  • Not enough Co2 pressure
  • Not using correct Co2 mix
  • Beer system is not balanced correctly 
Why is my beer pouring flat

Reasons beer could be pouring flat: 

  • Too much rinse sanitizer in the rinse water
  • Not enough pressure in the beer system
  • Dirty beer lines 
  • Dirty glassware
  • Too much nitrogen in the system