All City Co2: First Wisconsin Soda Company to Offer Soda Line Cleaning

Surprisingly, soda lines are not required to be cleaned. In order to keep your soda product tasting best, soda lines should be cleaned on a quarterly basis.  This will ensure you and your customers are getting a clean and quality soda every time.


(soda from a dirty soda line)

Cleaning Lines Using BevClean

BevClean keeps systems running at their best. As well, you can rest assured that your products will stay in calibration (brix) and always tasting as fresh and refreshing as they should!
BevClean was developed over a period of several years based on a need. I  had been in the fountain sales and service industry for years. As I grew my account base, service calls grew even more quickly. I calculated, by a service call report, that 75% of the reason the service team was running left and right performing service calls was due to calibration (brix) issues.
Obviously these service issues were costly, as equipment such as pumps, connectors and valve parts were being replaced on a regular basis. Let alone the cost of time.
After understanding, as to why we had so many out of calibration calls (i.e. equipment, PSI, syrup brix, etc.), several areas were discovered as the culprit:
When high fructose corn syrup reaches 75º ambient or below, crystallization takes place, thus building up and clogging the system. Each syrup line was running through a cold plate/chiller, thus syrup temperatures are now about 35º f.
We pulled a pump apart to reveal syrup coagulating within.
Other solids were restricting the dispensing valve flow controls from delivering the proper amount of syrup concentrate.
With these results, it was determined that a preventative cleaning/sanitizing method needed to be in place.
Almost immediately after the program was implemented and each account was cleaned, the number of service calls dropped and having to replace pumps, valves or other parts became rare.  Flushing the lines solved the problem.